SendMail is a simple utility to send an e-mail with attachments from the command-line using SMTP.

For questions, remarks, etc: marco@mattic.n.l. (remove the last two dots)

You use this program on your own risk!. We did extensive testing to prevent any malfunction, but we cannot guarantee this on your system configuration.

- Setup the ini file (described below)
- Run the SendMail.exe

IniFile settings
The IniFile (SendMail.ini) must contain the following entries:


Command-line parameters
Run the SendMail.exe with following parameters:
SendMail.exe "Subject" "Filename used as body text" ["Filename used as a attachment"] ["Filename used as a attachment"]

If no body text is available, use "none" as the body text Filename. Attachments filenames can be repeated.

Updates and more information

- Just delete the sendmail.exe and the sendmail.ini

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