- Bug in sending data ranges if the size of the range is more than 2GB.

- Updated php.ini variables 'short_open_tag' and 'variables_order'.
- Updates to media scheduler for "MediaRefresh=Now,media_search.php?type=rss" support.

- Support for URL in media schedule ini (MediaRefresh=M,T,W,Th,F,S,Su 12:00,media_search.php?type=rss).
- Fix in clearing old schedules after setting a new schedule.

- Updated the php.ini file to remove the 'PHP Warning' messages.
- Use the correct settings for the an empty PHP location (Internal error - the directory name is invalid).

- PHP 5.2.9-1
- MySQL 5.1.32
- Installer has an custom install which allows the user to set the Port, MySQL idle time and the server broadcast name
- Open SwissCenter directory option in client

- Delays in php processing fixed
- Set expiration of files to improve performance

- Permission in installer updated (backported from 2.08)
- IPv6 disabled

- Can stop and start server from tray menu
- Clients retries connecting to server at startup

- Start webbrowser changed
- Database is upgraded after a reinstall
- Old Simese startup removed from
- Server service automatically started on boot

- Client login error

- Separation of server and (tray)client
- Based on the latest 2.x version, but a lot of code rewritten

- Fixed access to files on shared (UNC path)

- Permissions in installer updated (Fixing 'Unable to write to C:\ProgramDate\Simese\php\php.ini')

- Minor update to webserver engine
- Swisscenter release updated to version 1.21.1
- MySQL v5.0.67

- 'Update media' invocation changed

- This version does not have a tray icon!
- Same functionality as the 1.45 version, but better support for the Popcorn Hour

- Permissions in installer updated (Fixing 'Unable to write to C:\ProgramDate\Simese\php\php.ini')
- Swisscenter release updated to version 1.21.1
- MySQL v5.0.67

- 'Update media' invocation changed

- Backported Popcorn Hour fix from 2.0 release

- Swisscenter release updated to version 1.20.1

- [TrayMenu] section added in ini file (see Simese.ini for information)
- Update to SCRIPT_FILENAME variable in PHP environment for compatibility with Oxyl
- PHP executable files moved to Program files folder
- PHP ini file forced from the Simese php folder

- UPNP incompatibility in 1.41 fixed. This caused the ShowCenter to open the wrong server URL

- Minor changes to UPNP
- Swisscenter release updated to version 1.19.2

- Swisscenter release updated to version 1.17
- Signal disconnected clients to php
- PHP memory limit raised to 32M

- Background of program priority set to 'below normal'
- PHP 4.4.7
- Swisscenter release updated to version 1.16
- Changed the location of the data files to support Vista

- Bookmarks (used for resume) are deleted after 180 days. Configurable by MaxBookmarkAge in the inifile
- Swisscenter release updated to version 1.15.1

- Backgroundprogram is started on startup if the IdleMinutesBeforeShutdown=0
- Default registration name is Simese
- Service name can be changed in the ini file by adding:
DisplayName=Simese Server

- PHP 4.4.1
- Support for NT4
- Media Update Scheduler settings were overwritten by manual a update. Old schedule settings are lost
- Only one client could watch a file due to write file locking. Changed to read lock
- An empty RegisterServerName in the ini was treaded as 'do not register server'

- Access violation during close if the port was in use during startup
- Override the displayname of the server in the discovered devices using RegisterServerName= in the Common sections
- Allow multiple simultaneous executions of PHP scripts

- Added the 'Media update scheduler'.
- Swisscenter release updated to version 1.12.

- Simese can be installed as a service.
- Updated installation to allow (de)install as a service.

- Internal refresh for Swisscenter.
- Increased PHP terminate timeout to 1.5 hours instead of 4 minutes for the gapless audio feature of the OpenShowCenter.

1.19 2005-04-23
- Solved the 'fast forward' bug which caused fast forward in movies to fail.
- Changed the default 'IdleMinutesBeforeDatabaseShutdown' to 0, which disables the shutdown if MySQL. Due to the shutdown of MySQL, the "Auto Media Refresh" failed because MySQL was not active.
- Swisscenter release updated to version 1.08.

1.18 2005-02-24
- Auto-registration of Simese returns the network address of the network card which is on the same subnet as the Showcenter.
- Crash on startup if no network is attached.

1.17 2005-02-23
- If Simese is started with the /minimize switch, Simese will minimize on startup.
- The installer adds the /minimize switch to the startup.
- Added a popupmenu to the taskicon with 'Configuration', 'Organise video's' and 'About Simese' options.
- Removed a small resource leak during shutdown of MySQL.
- Simese will only start one instance of Simese.
- Added support for the auto-detection of Simese by the Showcenter.
- Fixed a bug which did set the HTTP_USER_AGENT field of PHP if the user-agent field was empty.
- Swisscenter release updated to version 1.05.

1.16 (no public release)
- Support for uploading files. Simese can be used as a backend for eGroupWare (http://www.egroupware.org). Thanks to Bart for this idea.
- Added the 'AllowAccessTo' config option to restrict file access.
- Support for HTTP range 'to'. This is an attempt to support the fast forwarding of the Avel LinkPlayer2 (unfortunately there are still some issues). Thanks to Chris Addington for the detailed debug description.

1.15 2004-11-27
- On first run, Simese will ask if the user wants to initialize the database.
- Removed a lock which allowed Simese to process only one file at a time
- Suppressed the 'not found' message for .srt, .sub, .ssa and .smi extensions (subtitles) since the 1.7 firmware of the Showcenter always requests these files if a movie is loaded.
- Session data of PHP stored in a subfolder of Simese.
- MySQL can be stopped after a number of idle minutes. This is to reduce the memory load of the workstation while Simese is not used. MySQL will be started before the next request. Add the entry IdleMinutesBeforeDatabaseShutdown to the MySQL sections (e.g. IdleMinutesBeforeDatabaseShutdown=90)
- Uninstaller removes databases created by Simese.

1.13 2004-11-10
- If the server received several requests at the same time (refreshing of a page multiple times a second), previous versions of Simese could crash.

1.12 2004-10-31
- Updated the SwissCenter installer with the latest SwissCenter php files. Users who previously downloaded Simese Swisscenter can use the internal 'Update SwissCenter' feature.

1.12 2004-10-25
- Included MySQL in the Simese installation for SwissCenter.

1.11 2004-10-24
- If a subfolder is requested (without a filename), the request is redirected to the index.php/html file (same behaviour as the root).
- Updated to PHP version
- SwissCenter release.

1.10 2004-10-10
- Added support for files > 2 GB

1.08 2004-07-08
- Fixed: playing all media files was impossible in some setups
- Fixed: relative folders of the settings file interpreted incorrect if the server was started from another folder

1.07 2004-07-03
- Set the timeout for php execution to 90 seconds for thumbnail generation
- Updated the logic of reading the ini file root and php allowing another installations path than c:\program files\Simese
- Html from the php files is sent immediately after generating, allowing e.g. the install pages of the oxyl box to show progress.

1.06 2004-06-27
- Support for the Oxyl-box environment. Many thanks go to Roland Fischer for suggestions and testing.
- Application can be hidden in the tray
- Renamed the OpenShowCenter Server to Simple Media Server (Simese)

1.05 2004-06-26
- $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] variable is now set in the php environment
- All filename php variables use / instead of \
- If the index.php does not exist, the index.html will be used

1.04 2004-06-17
1.03 2004-06-12
- Fixed a bug which prevented saving the settings.

1.02 2004-06-02
- Added the OpenShowCenter PHP files to the installer

1.01 2004-05-27
- Added configuration support for Port, Root and PHP with openshowcenter.ini file
- Removed commandline configuration of Root and PHP settings

1.00 2004-05-16
- First public release.