Simple Media Server (Simese) 1.0
Simese is a webserver for media centers like the OpenShowCenter Project, Oxyl~box and the SwissCenter. The OpenShowCenter, Oxyl~box and SwissCenter are serverside alternatives for e.g. the Pinnacle ShowCenter and the Neuston Mediacenter. It is a light-weight and easy to configure alternative for Apache.

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The program reads the Simese.ini file (default location is c:\program files\simese\simese.ini) for custom configuration options.

The default settings are:

- What does the 'Warning: This application will allow read access to any file on your system. This is intended behaviour.' mean?

This program sends files to the Pinnacle ShowCenter. The configuration files of Simese contain information where the media files can be found. However, the access is not limitted to those files, this program allows any file to be retrieved. If a computer, running this software, is connected to the internet, anyone could download the files from the computer. So make sure you use a properly configured firewall. You can use the config option 'AllowAccessTo' to limit access. E.g. "AllowAccessTo=d:\movies;e:\mp3", however, if a php file is executed and this file reads another file from your harddisk, Simese cannot prevent this.

- What is the difference between the install options 'Start Simese on computer startup (running as a service)' and 'Start Simese after logging in (running as a program)'?

The 'Start Simese on computer startup (running as a service)' will start Simese even when no user is logged in on the computer. And after a logoff, the Simese service is still active.

- How do I remove the Simese Server service?

Open a command line box (cmd), go to the Simese folder (C:\Program Files\Simese\) and typ: simese.exe /uninstall

- What is the Media update scheduler (SwissCenter)?

The Media update scheduler is a feature for SwissCenter. It allows you to schedule multiple media updates. This update runs the 'Search For New Media' option of the Swisscenter but with support for multiple different schedules. Also, the Simese scheduler has better control over the database connection if you use the IdleMinutesBeforeDatabaseShutdown option

- How do I minimize Simese on startup?

Change the StartMinimized=0 in the Simese.ini file to StartMinimized=1 or start Simese with the '/minimize' switch (e.g. Simese.exe /minimize)

Updates and more information

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The source code of the program is free available.

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